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      Some American studies have documented that
      children raised in the Sole Custody of their
      fathers achieve:
     (A)  improved grades in school, and
     (B)  much decreased trouble with the law and
          almost no negative conflict with police, and
     (C)  less disobedience with teachers and
     This site generally promotes "joint physical
     custody" (meaning equal time with both
     dad and mom), as a presumption at the start
     of separation, with no involvement (and
     expenses) from lawyers.



     However it is improper to ignore the positive
     benefit to children when raised in the Sole
     Custody of their fathers.  The discipline and
     behaviour improvement are remarkable.
                     Children do Not need
                                            Their fathers' child support.
                                           They need their fathers.

     The discipline of a child completing his
     schoolwork leads to a lifetime of success,
     satisfaction and profitability in a career.
                     Where there is no police car..... 
                                             There is no Speed Limit.
     The same discipline and proper behaviour in a
     child from firm and forceful dad parenting, keeps
     the child out of jail, avoids police visits to the
     home, and removes the child from conflict with            teachers, authorities, and employers.
                         Where there is no police car.........
                                          There is no Speed Limit.

     Bullying seems to decline when a child knows
     there are serious repercussions when he arrives
     home.  Teachers, when supported by strong father
     rules, have control returned in the class.
                       Where there is no police car..... 
                                               There is no Speed Limit.
     Father discipline has been shown to reduce
     kids smoking, alcohol use, drug abuse,
     impaired driver fatalities, and driving offences,
     all of which bodes well for a child's successful
     future, career, family and productivity.

                                       Lady Astor:   "If you were my husband
                                                          I would give you poison."
                                       Winston Churchill:  "If you were my wife,
                                                                  I would drink it."
     The value of children raised by fathers seems
     to be considerable.

                       Children do Not need
                                                 Their fathers' child support
                                                 They need their fathers.

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